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Fresh Air

January 15, 2010

I’ve been waiting all week for the weather to be just right for Jack and me to take a walk. Today was the day! We walked (or I walked and he sat) 2 miles. It was amazing to get fresh air and be active together. We also listened to the Mars Hill podcast.

Ok, here’s a picture of him from just a few months ago in the jogging stroller:

And today:

Crazy, huh?

We’ve been taking pictures inside for so long these past couple of months that I’d forgotten how wonderful natural light is for photos!

These are a week late. They’re from last week’s Rose Bowl game at our house.
Blurry, but there’s us.

Half-time, I think.

Casey and Sheena were actually into the game more than this picture shows, I promise!

Lori and Tracie might kill me for this, but here’s Tracie teaching Lori how to do the Heisman pose.

Mimicking the players

Casey took this photo for his EverydayPics blog of us holding the Nick Saban signed football, haha

the end. and happy weekend.

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