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Hanging at home

January 6, 2010

With the cold weather and Reid back to work, this week has been a perfect chance for Jack and I to stay at home with hopes to get him back on some kind of schedule.

Yesterday was full of whines and a couple of meltdowns in the late afternoon. Today, however, Jack was a happy, content baby with no tears. I really think it’s due to being in a routine, although that could be in my head.

Monday, Jack and I went to Tuscaloosa to go through all his cousin’s hand-me-down toys from North Carolina. (Confused? Reid’s parents live in Tuscaloosa and had brought back the toys from NC recently.) We are very thankful for Jack having older cousins!

This was in the midst of re-organizing his room and making room for the toys. I really thought I hadn’t brought back that much until I sat down to put it away.

Jack had a great time as it was all out in front of him.

A lot of it is stuff he’s too little for, but will eventually like. I think.

In other random news, I’m excited about the game tomorrow night because Lori and Tracie are coming over and Lori’s bringing her amazing cake batter infused cookies and I’m making chili. I “watch” the game for the food.

Ok, that’s it for now.

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