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Show Us Your Life – Christmas Tree

December 7, 2009

My mom has always had a blue Christmas tree for as long as I can remember. It’s not technically blue, but decorated with blue and silver bows, etc. It’s quite elaborate and Southern Livingish. We’ve never really had a theme for our tree, but it looks like it’s become a red and silver tree.

Our tree has been different every year it seems. The first year it was a real tree with multicolored lights, Simpson ornaments, Barbie ornaments, and super random stuff. It’s eventually progressed to this:
I know yall have seen this picture, but its the best picture of the tree I have.

Reid thinks its interested that I love country type Christmas decor. Like with pine cones, sticks, with country plaid ribbons. We haven’t gone that far with it yet because Reid’s not a big fan, but I think every year I’ll sneak some in.

For now, here are some ornaments on our tree.

Can you see the “D”? This is special because our real estate agent gave it to us to celebrate our first Christmas in this house.

We got this from Disney this year. I LOVE it. Subtle, but still Mickey Mouse.

This makes me laugh!

Jack got this ornament for Christmas last year.

I made this in Home Ec. in 8th grade. Talented, I know.

Our first Christmas. Awwwww….

My mom got this for me when I was in high school. I love it, but it goes toward the back of the tree lately (Sorry, Mom!).

This isn’t our tree, but here’s our lately Christmas addition. It was a gift for Jack from Reid’s mom. He needs a name!! Any suggestions?

Show us your Christmas tree on your blog!!! I want to see!

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