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Well, hello, Perspective

October 29, 2009

Today was not my favorite of days with Jack.

I was uber stressed about doing Samantha’s training show tonight, still trying to get it all ready, oh and you know, take a shower and do my hair like a normal person, while keeping Jack happy. He’s normally pretty even keel, but he was whiny today. Didn’t do much for my stress level.

Reid worked late, so when he got home I had thirty minutes left. I put on my ipod and told them to pretend I wasn’t there while I finished up.

Then, on my way to the party, I got a text from Reid saying that Jack rolled over!!

Now, here’s when my perspective kicked in…

There was a sweet little girl, 14 months, at the party. Cute, cute, cute. BUT, also, walking, walking, walking. Um, can we say “not ready for that”?!

So, now I’m home, and can’t wait to give Jack a big hug in the morning and apologize for my craziness today, then thank him for not crawling or walking yet.
Holy moly.

I’m hoping for a late walker.

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