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Weekend Update

October 25, 2009

* Thursday night, I started getting a cold. It was in full force Friday morning. This was my first time being really sick as a mom and I quickly learned that I wouldn’t get the day off; although, Jack was extremely sweet all day. I tried to keep my distance; all in all, it went ok and Reid was able to take over once he got home from work.

* Jack couldn’t get to sleep last night. After getting him up to change his nasty diaper, we all three got on the floor in his room to play for a bit. The moments of just the three of us, all quiet, except Jack’s laughter, are my favorite.

* Jack’s getting the hang of sitting up by himself. I’m a very proud Mama.

* After taking Zicam all day Friday, then sleeping til 1 pm on Saturday, I felt tons better. So much better, that I went running later in the afternoon at the park. After a mile, I realized that yep, I had been sick and I was feeling it. So, I only did a mile and a half and went home due to my lungs feeling like they were on FIRE!

* Speaking of running, I really need to write down an actual running plan if I’m going to do the Princess 1/2 marathon in March. Am I really going to do this?!?!?!

* I’m not a fan of the new gym I’ve been trying out. I think I just need to invest in heavier weights for the house and I’ll be all set. I’ll just miss the elliptical and treadmill, but I’ll live. I’ll keep running and use my bike more, and get warmer clothes!

* Sick or not, insomnia is still here. Tylenol PM is my drug of choice.

* My baby fever has subsided, which I knew it eventually would. I can’t help but see how darn cute Jack is and know that I want another some day. Until that someday, as in years from now, I’ll keep with my birth control, thank you very much. ((Of course, right now, Jack isn’t crawling or walking, so he’s easy to contain. Once all that starts, I might re-think the whole sibling thing, haha!))

Ok, this blog need to end. This video is for Lori. This is how I envision us finishing the 1/2 marathon in March. I can’t stop laughing!!!

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