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Away from home thoughts

October 16, 2009

Reid’s camping with some guys this weekend, so Jack and I are in Daphne for my sister’s birthday.

Reid and I’ve discussed before how cool (for lack of a better word) it is to see Jack react to our parents. When my mom went to get Jack out of the car today, he went crazy because he was so excited. Jack even reached for my dad tonight and kept laughing at him. We’ve seen Jack react the same way towards Reid’s parents. It’s a unique feeling that I can’t quite explain.

On a whole different note, I’m soaking up time with my parent’s DVRs. I rely on Hulu and, but they don’t always deliver. I’m just now watching the Biggest Loser from last week. I’m going to miss it this coming week,too. And our Monday night TV. Apparently, I have a TV addiction.

Since I’ve started taking Tylenol PM, I’ve picked up my bad habit of turning the baby monitor off in my sleep, so it stays far from my reach at night. I’m sure even in my drugged sleepy state I get annoyed at Jack’s leg thing.

He slams his legs on the mattress. Over and over and over again. I can hear it down the hall! So, sharing a room with him tonight should be interesting.

Despite the leg throwing, when I sneak in Jack’s room at night to cover him up and watch him sleep, I sometimes wish I could curl up in his bed with him and snuggle. Does this make me weird?

I guess I could take him to our bed to snuggle, but I dare not take my chances on messing with his nighttime routine.

Wow, could I ramble any more!?!

Yes. Yes, I can.

I wish I was camping with Reid. It’s a little too cold for me, though. Maybe if we have a warmer weekend we could take Jack camping one night. Hmmm….maybe not.

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  1. Steph Z permalink
    October 17, 2009 6:55 pm

    Ashley we have cable and DVR…you can come watch stuff over here too!

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