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It has begun

September 28, 2009

Only taking a 20 minute nap, I let Jack sit on my lap while I eat breakfast at the computer this morning. I decided to share my (plain) oatmeal. It started out as a little bite for him, a big bite for me.

That didn’t last long. It became bite after bite for him because he’d grab the spoon and whine anytime I was getting a bite for me.

We’ve never shared food before, especially with him eating watered down pureed sweet potatoes, so he’s never really reached for my food before. I think I started a bad habit this morning.

Then I realized we’ve started a new phase of life. He really is becoming a little person, not just a baby.

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  1. hollydoodle00 permalink
    September 30, 2009 3:02 pm

    Then it happens…one day you are sitting in a restaurant with your husband or friend and realize that you are *gasp* not eating with your fingers or pulling apart food and making it in tiny pieces on your plate! You can use real silverware! (Enjoy that evening…bc you will soon be back home beside the high chair or with the kid in your lap sharing your food or cutting it in small pieces again.) I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though!

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