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Running Form

September 22, 2009

“You’re really bouncy when you run.”

Coming from Reid a couple of weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how to take this statement, but after consideration, I realized he’s right. ((Of course, as a girl, my mind immediately goes to “is this a jab at my extra weight!?”))

I’ve never thought much about how I run; I’ve mainly focused on the music, not stopping, and when can I get water.

You’d think as a personal trainer I’d already know the correct form for running, but not so much; I don’t remember that in my text book. Or ever being asked about it.

And now I’ve come to realize that form is EVERYTHING!!!

I was the stereotypical runner– landing on my heels (causing pain in my knees!), twisting my arms (wasting energy and speed), and moving more up and down, rather than forward.

I watched this video first and it all clicked:

I tried this form while on a treadmill and it made it really difficult. When I would use the correct form, I automatically started going faster, so I’d adjust the speed, then get too worn out. It was a bad cycle.

But, after running in the neighborhood while aiming for correct form, I felt great. My legs didn’t hurt. My knees felt fine. It has made all the difference!

I’m just annoyed that all this time in my life I’ve been running the wrong way. No wonder I’ve had knee problems.

Now, if I could just get this humidity to stop kicking my tail, my runs would be outta control.

PS: Running more in the neighborhood has brought about a new pet peeve– cars that seem to be playing chicken with me! They have the whole road and I’m hugging the curb trying not to get hit. Have some manners, please!

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  1. September 22, 2009 9:19 am

    Yeah for Boulder, CO!!! I should go and check out that store.
    Ash, you should fly out here next May and run the “Bolder, Boulder” with me. It is an annual 10K and is the largest race in US that times it’s runners. There are typically over 50,000 participants. I’ve yet to run it (first year we lived here I wasn’t in shape for it, and the 2nd year I was about to have Breeson).

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