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Lately in the life of Jack Ryan

September 22, 2009

Big news, people! Jack Ryan, the almost six month old, rolled over today!

In honor of my little late in-his-own-time bloomer, here are some pictures.

Noah and Jack gearing up for consignment shopping. I should have taken a better picture to get both the boys. 😦

Asleep in car. We wore him out.

Here’s Jack in his new stroller, courtesy of Nana and Papa. We tried it out after a crying fit and it calmed him right down. So, we strolled around the kitchen and living room in it. Also, this is his fourth outfit change of the day. Hello, drool. And sweet potatoes. And drool.

I love how bored he looks in this picture

My baby at his most natural state–in the exersaucer, drool, scratches on his face (the day after I did his nails!), and dried boogers.

Did you know that bears taste yummy? High in fiber, I’m sure.

Petting Chewbacca.


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  1. September 23, 2009 9:43 am

    cute pic’s!! did you get some good deals while consignment shopping?

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