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The Schedule Factor

September 17, 2009

The ironic thing about Reid and I trying to find a church that meets at night for so long so we could sleep in on Sunday mornings is that we had Jack. We learned very fast that we weren’t going to be sleeping in for a few years and that bedtime works best at 7 pm.

Therefore, Sunday night services are not high on our list anymore.

For some crazy reason, Jack does ten times better if he’s already fed and in bed by 6:50, then asleep by 7, rather than if we kept him up a little bit later and he was asleep by 8 or so.

I’m not complaining because an early bedtime is fabulous. It feels like we still have our nights to ourselves, to watch movies, eat dinner, work out, etc.

Until we get invited places.

Most things I, or we, get invited to don’t start til 7 or 8 pm. We usually decline or only one of us goes.

Tonight starts a new season of Thursday night TV with the Pattons and Mezzells. Guess what time the best TV shows start???

So, it looks like Jack will be wearing his pjs to the Pattons and sleeping there.

Any other parents deal with bedtime routine issue? If so, how often do you make exceptions and how does it work for yall?

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  1. Leslie permalink
    September 18, 2009 7:53 am

    Sam goes to sleep at other people’s houses all the time so that we can still do things. We bring his pack and play and blanket and he does great (most of the time)! It’s a nice “trick” to teach them early, so that you don’t feel bound to your house every night!

    As far as church goes, my sister went to Red Mountain Church ( when she lived in B’ham. They have services at 5PM so you can still get home in time for bedtime and can sleep in on Sunday mornings!

  2. September 18, 2009 9:31 am

    we’re all about the scheduling too; however, we don’t want to be tied down to it when we want to go out with people. I typically bring his bottle and night gown, so when we drive home, he’s usually asleep and we don’t have to get him out and change him, etc. Plus, when we do get home, if he’s asleep in his car seat, we just leave him in there in his room. He stays asleep in there just as long as he would in his crib. So when he wakes up in the middle of the night for his feeding, that’s when I get him out.
    We dont usually have a problem going out at night with him. In fact, a lot of times he falls asleep in our arms after we feed him. If you know you’re going to be at a friends house a LONG time, then maybe take a pack ‘n play, but if not, I wouldn’t bother packing up ALL of that stuff for only a few hours.

  3. September 18, 2009 1:45 pm

    as for the church thing…I hope (and pray) you can find something.

    The “convenience” of getting up early (and now even earlier since Jamie has to be at church early since he’s an intern) is not always fun, but the fellowship and community is well worth it all. I truly believe that is more important and impactful than going to just hear sermons.

  4. September 18, 2009 8:41 pm

    oh my gosh girl!! i should write a blog completely dedicated to bed-time routine b/c it is such an issue with me! maddy usually goes to sleep around 7:30 or 8:00 and wakes up around 7 or 8 the next morning! that is PERFECT for me! she sleeps well..i sleep and joe are able to spend time together..its perfect! however, as you know, that can not always be the case in order to have a social life. i feel like people who dont have kids just dont get it! if we go somewhere that involves maddy being up past her bedtime she usually takes a little cat-nap there and then is up until midnight or later! and guess who is always the one up with her!! i dont mean to slam joe..he helps out a lot..but when he has to be at work at 6 in the morning he doesnt feel like being up with her late either, so i usually do it! then, for some reason her routine for the next day is totally screwed up. she will wake up at 6am or earlier for no reason, and then try to take her afternoon nap in the morning and its all a mess!!!! there…theres my venting for the day!! haha!

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