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Quitting, then Restarting

September 14, 2009

Saturday’s run was terrible.

My legs were hurting and I was annoyed with running circles around a track, so after 18 minutes, I packed up and went home, declaring to myself that I quit. I can’t even run a 5k, much less a 1/2 marathon; who was I kidding.

Sometimes I think I like the thought of being a runner, rather than actually running.

But, then, I remember running last year at this time and I didn’t hurt like this. And I enjoyed it.

So, since my quitting on Saturday, I’ve revised my plan and will re-start training as soon as my legs stop hurting.

The plan I was on is really tough. You go from running a mile one week, to running three miles 4-6 days in a row the next! Plus, running around a track depresses me. I need a treadmill or to be outside.

As far as the pain is concerned, most of it’s related to my psoriasis medicine that I’m going off of this week.

Here’s to take two of training for a 5k for next month.

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  1. September 14, 2009 4:48 pm

    are you doing race for the cure?
    if so, i’ll totes do it with you.

  2. September 14, 2009 8:31 pm

    Girl – you can do it! Just try to take it slow. I’m like you – I can get a little crazy and I just want to be ready to run a 10k in like two weeks. I get myself onto some wild plan and then I can’t keep up with it and then I get super discouraged. My best luck was on the couch to 10k program but I still go through phases. Besides – if you run – you’re a runner. I mean, really, what do you have to do before you get to call yourself a runner? Sure, those lanky kids that ran all through high school may feel they earned the title more than you but you’re doin’ the work – they can stuff it!

  3. Samantha permalink
    September 15, 2009 9:02 am

    I can’t do the track either! The monotany of it absolutly drives me crazy! When do u do your running usually? Maybe we could go together sometime. Having someone running with me always makes me run longer and harder.
    I’m with Jessica, the couch to 10k program is pretty great! It’s worked wonders for me, s girl who used to despise running!

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