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Play Date

September 11, 2009

I guess I shouldn’t consider this a play date, it was more of a date for us mom’s to catch up and have coffee.

Samantha, Noah, Beth, and Maddie came over today to hang out with me and Jack.

Let’s see if I can get this right…Jack was born March 27, Noah was born April 11, and Madeline was born April 29.

We haven’t all hung out in a long time so it was so interesting to see all the new personalities that have developed in our little babies. I think I was the most surprised to find how social and active little Noah is!! I think I want to keep him one day just to watch him play; he is so cute! Maddie may be small, but she’s all over the place! It was crazy to see a baby turning over in this house, considering Jack has no interest.

Samantha brought two desserts that were delish. I think we should meet every week just so Sam can bake for us!

Oops, you’re too late!

Here are the kiddos chillin (notice Jack and Noah’s hands)

Guess who took a nap just minutes after this shot? It’s the one in the middle!

Jack didn’t read Samantha’s latest blog about people sticking their germy fingers in her babies mouth! And I wasn’t quick enough to stop him!

Jack wanted to hold Noah’s hand!

Check us out in our glorious pregnancy days….I can’t believe I’m posting this picture…

And months later…

In running news, I did my run tonight at the high school track. The last two laps are absolute killer, but I was able to dig up some motivation and some laughs by playing The Final Countdown. I just added it to my iPod tonight; it’ll be on the regular rotation from here on out.

Steve Holt!

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  1. joebethandmadeline permalink
    September 11, 2009 8:23 pm

    aww..thanks for posting these pictures! i love them! the kids were so cute together! And yes, I think we should get together just for Sam’s goodies! haha!

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