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Get Lost!

September 9, 2009

I found a very effective calorie burning exercise today….All you have to do is go to a random neighborhood connected to yours and get lost.

Jack and I loaded up all our gear, bathed in sunscreen, and headed out the door. My goal was five miles, that I’d already mapped out. In my defense, to Jack’s grandparents that may be reading this, I had several frozen teething rings to put behind Jack to keep him cool, a cold, wet wash cloth for him to have on his head or to chew on. I stopped periodically to give him water and keep him hydrated. He was actually happy during the ride.

We came to the first hill, which I already knew about. I was completely parallel to the ground pushing the stroller. This was when my heart rate got to 185. JUST WALKING!! ((Mind you,when I run my heart rate stays around 150-160.))

We keep going along my mapped out plan. And there’s a hill. And another hill. Now down a hill. And up a hill that I can’t even see an end to. It was horrible. The whole time I kept chanting in my head “stupid, stupid, stupid.” I knew I should have driven the route first to check out the hills!!! I had no idea it would be this bad.

Then, I got lost. I had planned to go a certain route, then realized there was no way I could follow through; I needed to find the quickest route back to my house. Reid wasn’t near a computer so he couldn’t help, so I called my Mom who looked up a map and talked me to a street I knew.

People would drive by, waving at us. I was so tempted to wave them to stop and give us a ride home.

Thankfully, I had put some of Jack Hester’s teachings, from Mars Hill, on my iPod. We were gone so long that we listened to 1 and a 1/2 sermons.

Time: 1:26
Average Heart Rate: 152
Max HR:191
Calories burned: 800

Jack wasn’t phased at all by the heat. This was right when we got home:

Thankfully, I had juice with electrolytes in it on hand for him just in case he ever got sick. I pumped him full of juice, making sure he wasn’t dehydrated and put him in bed. I never heard a peep out of him! He was out!

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  1. deena permalink
    September 9, 2009 9:18 pm

    that kid is so cute! i can’t wait to see you SOON!!!!

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