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What the jort!

August 25, 2009


I had never heard this term til a few weeks ago.

What are jorts? Jeans + shorts = jorts.

I didn’t make this stuff up, people!

And, get this, it’s apparently the cool thing for guys to make their own pair of jorts by cutting off jeans. I’ve seen some guys get it wrong and they look like women’s capris. Or hobbit pants.

I’m not exactly a fan of guys in jean shorts, especially the homemade kind. I guess the economy’s tough, so you have to make your own.

To me, jorts fall into the category of mullets and socks-with-sandals. Even if Tim Tebow is doing it, it doesn’t make it cool.

Check out if you just can’t get enough.

Do you know of any guys that can pull it off? If so, I’m interested to know.

*Btw, the picture of Tim Tebow is faux. When interviewed, he admitted to not owning a pair of jean shorts.

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  1. deena permalink
    August 25, 2009 11:47 am

    i’ve only seen 1 man pull them off well. but that’s it. everyone else…and i see them EVERYWHERE!!!…everyone else – i’m sorry, but please look in the mirror before you go out in public.

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