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“Coyotes sound like teenage girls screaming”

August 20, 2009

My conversations with Reid, so far, have been spaced out and pretty quick. He has to ride a bike about 1/2 a mile to get signal.

He said they have about 50 bikes there for everyone to use, so he went bike riding yesterday in the morning and afternoon, totaling around 18 miles. He’s driven to Jackson in the evenings to get dinner.

Reid’s really hoping that he’ll be riding his bike sometime this week and run into Harrison Ford riding a bike, too. I told Reid this probably won’t happen because he’d be too busy flying planes. ((Harrison Ford has a house out there.))

I read a story about Harrison Ford rescuing a boy scout that got lost around Yellowstone some time ago; I told Reid to get stuck on top of the mountain and tell them he won’t come down til Harrison Ford rescues him in his personal plane. That could work, right??

OR Reid could get a Coke and loiter for a few hours casually at this fancy restaurant that H.F.’s been known to frequent. Of course, this might be in vane because a.) What are the odds of running into him? and b.) Reid wouldn’t even go up to him and get his picture or anything. I think an autograph or picture would be acceptable to ask for considering we’ve named our firstborn after one of the man’s characters in film. Duh!

All this to say, Reid’s in his element in Wyoming. He even hasn’t been wierded out about sharing a cabin with several other guys he doesn’t know..and if you know my husband, that’s a big deal.

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  1. August 20, 2009 3:45 pm

    hey, sorry about Jack getting up so much.

    “Jack, be a good boy and listen to your mama…also if you could telepathically send a signal to Breeson and let him know how enjoyable it is to sleep through the night, that’d be great. Thanks!”

    Tell Reid that my friend Jenny, who lives out there, has seen HF on several occasions, and by the sounds of it, it’s not too hard to spot him. Just keep an eye out!! I think Sandra Bullock lives there as well. He could always swing by Dick Cheney’s house…just make sure he doesn’t get shot! 😉

  2. August 21, 2009 7:11 am

    Joy, you’re so funny! I’m glad Reid is having a great time….that’s so awesome! It’s great that he’s finally doing his dream, right?!?

    How are you handling him being out?

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