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Randoms: Beach Edition

July 29, 2009
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We are on day 4.5 at the beach.

I was so nervous about bringing Jack, not knowing how it’d be at the beach with him, not knowing if he’d freak out about the heat or the water, etc etc.

But, he’s been wonderful! I’m so proud of him! He really doesn’t have much of a reaction to all of it. He’s just content. We have to watch him because if he gets to close to the edge of his blanket or towel, he grabs a fist full of sand and tries to eat it.

Reid carried him into the ocean and he got splashed with waves and was just fine. He might be a beach baby, after all. Or just a really laid back baby, haha.

Reid, his Dad, and I have been riding our bikes for seven miles around the lake every morning. Although, I didn’t go yesterday morning because I was too tired. I’m really proud of us.

Being around the water and the heat makes me HUNGRY! I feel like I’m pregnant, haha! I’m constantly thinking about what to eat next.

We still haven’t seen Harry Potter yet. We thought we were going last night, but plans changed. We’ll probably go tomorrow night. I plan to at least wear my HP glasses.

The condo we’re staying at has big closets, so Carter and Jack have been sleeping in them. We set up Jack’s little travel crib in our closet and it’s perfect.

Last night, Dustin made Cheerwine ice cream. It was amazing!!

Ok, time to get ready for beach pictures. My poor pale baby. He reflects the sunlight. We’ll see how this goes. At least his outfit is way cute.

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