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Life With Psoriasis

July 15, 2009

Psoriasis. I hate Psoriasis.

For those of you fortunate enough not to know what psoriasis is, it’s “a chronic disease of the immune system that appears on the skin, usually in the form of thick, red, scaly patches.”

I haven’t always had it. It started as a tiny spot on my neck during my senior year of high school. Through the years it has spread to eventually my scalp, elbows, arms, back, legs, chest, and face.

If I go out in public, I always try to wear make-up to cover it on my face. Although, sometimes the make-up makes it look worse. I get comments all the time from strangers asking if I burned myself with the curling iron or if I have bug bites.

It always turns into a somewhat awkward conversation when I mention that it’s neither of those things, but psoriasis. They feel embarrassed and I just shrug.

I think I’d rather have people ask than just stare at it.

There’s not really a cure, just several different ways to treat or control it. There are a few ways I’d like to try, but they’re too risky if I was to become pregnant, which I’m not planning on for a couple of years, but you never know.

I know I’m not alone. And most people that have it, have a more severe case than I do. However, I don’t want mine to get worse.

This is from about two years ago, notice the spots around my hairline:

This is from two months ago:

Today, we took a family trip to a different dermatologist. I guess I’ve been in denial about how bad my scalp has gotten lately because I was surprised at the doctor saying it was a severe case. After a full body examination, we discussed several options. There are pills, injections, light treatments, lasers, etc.

I’m going to start a pill tomorrow that is actually meant for cancer patients, but helps with psoriasis. I have to get blood work, chemistry testing, blood pressure, and urinalysis done tomorrow before I start the pill. Then, they’ll do the testing all over again in two weeks. Then, every month, to monitor the damaging side effects that are possible.

It really freaks me out, but I feel good about this doctor and the fact that I’ll be closely monitored.

So, here’s to a clear face and no more flakes on my shoulders!

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  1. anonymous permalink
    July 16, 2009 10:26 am

    I took Accutane once, which requires monthly bloodwork from a lab, as well as a pregnancy test and cholesterol check to monitor the side effects I could have had. (Now, you have to register with some government study to take the pill.) I hope that your meds work as well for your issue as Accutane did for my acne.

  2. Steph Z permalink
    July 16, 2009 8:08 pm

    Girl I am with you…You know I have psoriasis. Ihave been struggling here latly to control it on my eyelids…it stinks…I feel like people are ALWAYS staring at me…I hope the pill works for you chica! Ps…we should get coffee sometime…I still haven’t met Jack Ryan

  3. hollydoodle00 permalink
    July 17, 2009 3:49 pm

    Oh yeah…I know all about the comments. People often look at my hands…and some are nice enough to ask if I got burned. I, too, would rather someone just come out and ask me what happened. I hate that there is always skin everywhere.

    When I took Enbrel…I was getting blood work every two weeks for the 3 1/2 months that I took it…long enough for me to know it wasn’t doing anything. I don’t miss any of the gazillions of meds I tried…except I do miss the hope of thinking it may go away. Alas, I’ve learned to deal with it for now.

    Hope the new meds work for you…I really do. I know how frustrating it is.

  4. December 20, 2009 5:14 pm

    Great post. Much appreciated. Thanks. I’ve been suffering from psoriasis since I was 5. 51 years old and contracted psoriatic arthritis back in 1996. My rheumotologist put me on methotrexate for 4 years with no success. I’ve tried every over the counter cream and treatment there is. Nothing ever works. The only thing left is some kind of detoxification of my body I guess.

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