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June 14, 2009
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What a great weekend!

*Friday, Jack and I went to visit with Samantha and Noah. Once we got the boys settled at the same time, which took longer than we had hoped, we made cookies! I was a little frazzled by Jack, so I made a few mistakes that were eventually corrected and the cookies turned out great! Sam’s way better at baking than I am!

* Jamie, Joy and Breeson were in town from Colorado. Breeson is three weeks old and too cute! Joy and I, with the boys, walked around the mall. Later that night, they and some other friends came over for dinner and to catch up. It’s very bittersweet to see Joy. I hadn’t seen her in a year, so it was amazing to be around her, but sad knowing that it’s just a visit.

*Jack has started his new bedtime of 7ish or 7:30 due to constant crankiness while we try to keep him up til his 9 pm bedtime. He’s done great. He slept from 7 to 7 last night. Count that, ladies and gentlemen. That’s 12 hours. I never thought that would be possible til his teen years, but he did it! Now, if my insomnia would allow me to sleep before 2 am.

* Today was super lazy. Reid and I took turns today taking care of Jack, while the other slept.

*With Jack going to bed early, we’ve been able to watch movies at a decent time. It feels like old times.

Pictures to update the times:

Just arrived at Six Flags with our season passes

Such a sad face. This is after crying for 30 minutes and being calmed down by the swing.

I promise to get a good picture of him smiling some day soon

Sitting up with lots of help and support. He looks so funny in it!

Excited he was calm and asleep while making cookies at Sam’s! Thanks for letting us borrow the sling!

Jack’s first time at the Galleria. He was impressed.

Jack and Breeson shopped til they dropped

the end.

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