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Insomnia and Real Life

June 6, 2009

I really do think my birth control is causing the insomnia. Jack goes to bed at 9 and I stay up til 1 or 2 am. Something is wrong with that. My appetite is gone most of the time, too, which helps with the whole “none of my clothes fit” thing.

I had my first breakdown in a long time yesterday. It all hit me at once–I hadn’t worn make up or done my hair in two weeks; I hadn’t had any social contact except on Monday night, other than phone and internet; and my days were spent trying to work out during Jack’s cat naps, then working out when Reid gets home from work; then making dinner, then showering, then trying to sleep. Plus, the exhaustion.

After a two hour nap, I was much better. Today, Holly and I hung out for a few hours with no kids and no cellphone for me. Perfect. It was funny how we had a hard time coming up with things to do. We hit up some yard sales, a thrift store, and a consignment shop.

Jack is spending the night with Reid’s parents tomorrow night so Reid and I can go to Six Flags on Monday! Hopefully, we can ride the roller coasters this time, haha!

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