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May 29, 2009

* We’re a tired crew in the Davis household. I’ve figured out that I need to lay off the caffeine if I ever want to sleep soundly again. I’m keeping Reid up with my violent turning at night. I feel like we’ve slept more at night this week thanks to Jack, but we’re still just as tired.

* As cheesy as this is, I’m pretty excited about Melissa Joan Hart being on the cover of People magazine and telling her story of it taking her 14 months to lose her baby weight. Look, it’s a real person!

* I picked up a book in the library yesterday about being a new mom. I almost check it out. Then I glanced in the chapter about losing baby weight. These three women just ate sensible and took the baby on walks and the weight just melted off. I almost cussed, but the library is no place for that.

*Ok, enough about weight. Sorry.

* Jack and I are starting this routine of getting up at 8 am and watching The Today Show while we eat out breakfasts. I get to catch up on TV I’m not watching, news, and other randoms. I like it.

* Deena will be moving back here in about two weeks and I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!

* We’ve booked our trip to Disney in November!!!! If you don’t get Christmas presents from us, this is why.

* Long story short, I bought a Dr. Brown’s bottle last night for Jack and wish I would have done it sooner. Who knew Jack would eat 5 ounces in 10 minutes instead of 45!? (Cammie, I only bought still waiting..hint hint..haha!)

* I just finished the last half of a season of Gilmore Girls and cried. Yep.

* I met up with a friend from high school last night that lives here, but we never hang out. It’s amazing how refreshing good conversation can be. I loved catching up with her and realizing how we’ve both changed so much since then, but still connect.

* Thinking of anything else I can post so this can be that much longer…

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