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May 26, 2009

I brought a CD of pictures with me to Panera, thinking I could upload super cute pictures of Jack, but I didn’t load the pictures on there like I thought. Whoops.

I really wanted to share just one picture that we have because it’s of him SMILING!!! On his 8 week birthday last Friday, he started smiling like crazy! It’s amazing!

He’s also started “talking” lately. I’m happy that my baby has moved on from this seemingly grumpy phase. He also slept last night from 10:30-4:15!

We’re in Panera right now so I can get some internet time. We got some evil looks a few minutes ago when he started screaming while eating. The problem was I had too much to pack up and leave while he was screaming, so I just consoled him finally and no one’s looking now.

He’s now smiling and talking to his little polka dot rabbit friend hanging on his car seat.

We need to hit up the library because no internet and no cable at home makes me a little stir crazy. I need connection to the outside world!! So, I’ll get some books instead.

Ok, the baby’s restless, so we must go.

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