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May 19, 2009

Jack has decided that sleeping through the night isn’t as much fun as waking up around 3 am to party. And by party, I mean eat very slowly.

Last night, it was 2:45-4:45. It could have been later, I gave up at 4:45 and Reid went and rocked him or something, not sure– I was asleep.

As I rocked and fed him, I got angry. Mind you, I had only had three hours of sleep.

I got angry at myself for not going to bed the very second he went to bed.

Angry that I feel as if he’ll never sleep through the night.

Angry that other kids who are younger sleep through the night, but Jack doesn’t. It makes me think I’m doing something wrong.

Angry that some parents don’t try any techniques and their kids sleep though the night just fine, when I’m trying so hard with the babywise stuff.

Wondering if he’ll ever go to bed at 7 or 8 and sleep til 7.

Yes, I realize every child is different and you’re not supposed to compare, but at 3 am when I want to be in bed and I’m exhausted, I start comparing. I don’t blame Jack; he can’t help it.

Of course, things look different in the morning after you’ve had more sleep. I’m not upset anymore. I’ve shrugged it off.

I’ll check into other books people have suggested to learn more tips on how to better care for Jack and help him sleep better. Until then, I’ll learn to be ok with still waking up at night.

**If anything is Jack’s fault, it’s that he tricked us by showing he could sleep through the night two times in a row, haha! 🙂

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  1. Rebecca M. permalink
    May 19, 2009 8:26 am

    If he has a bit of colic or reflux this can be normal. Also, as they grow, their eating and sleeping habits will change. I found that making sure Micah got plenty of tummy time helped.

    Hang in there Ash, you are NOT doing anything wrong. =)

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