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Starting Over

April 18, 2009

Today was my first real workout in about two or three months.

I started out walking/light jogging for thirty minutes, then grabbed my bike for the next thirty minutes. I did a total of 60 minutes and burned 595 calories! The good thing about the extra weight is you burn more calories, haha!

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, but it was worth it. I have missed riding my bike terribly! The fresh air in my face going down a hill is good for my sanity! Ahhhh, it was glorious.

So, here’s the deal We’re going to the beach late July and the only pants that fit me right now, besides my pajamas, are a pair of dressy {maternity} pants. Even to workout, I only have two pair of running shorts that fit! That’s a blow to the old self-esteem, baby or no baby.

This means no more sodas, cakes, and cookies…and hello, protein shakes and oatmeal. I’m not going to set a time line on my goals because that’s just cruel. I’m simply going to accept the challenge.

Also, for accountability I’m making a weight stats page online. I don’t care if anyone else cares about it; it helps me mentally.

Here we go!

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