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April 12, 2009

I’m currently trying to entertain the kid long enough for him to realize he’s not hungry and needs to wait another thirty minutes or longer to eat. We’ve had a little bit of trouble since our day trip yesterday to Tuscaloosa to visit with Reid’s family.

Jack had gotten to where he was only waking up every four hours to eat at night. This is truly a miracle. BUT, I think he got a little mixed up being out of his element and decided that he’d rather eat every hour or so after yesterday.

We’re hoping for a better night tonight. Reid’s already in bed (at 8:30).

My nesting hormones must still be intact because during the my most tired moments, I decide this house is just not clean enough and get in a furious mood to get everything clean all at once. Reid assures me that I need to sleep and just clean it later, but then I get aggrivated and cry because there’s a small mess in my kitchen.

I never realized that when I do get free time during Jack’s naps that I’d obsess over cleaning. It’s hard for me to make myself stop and take a nap. I’m constantly thinking of all the things I could be doing.

Oh, more proof that I’m a worrier type of mother– I called the pediatrician at 5 am this morning. Yep. I’m that mom. Jack felt very damp from being sweaty and I’ve never felt him like that, but he didn’t have a fever. First, I google it and the only thing that comes up is SIDS. Of course, being exhausted, I call the doctor and lay in bed fighting off tears waiting for him to call me back.

Turns up to be nothing and that he’s probably just regulating his body temperature. Better safe than sorry.

Dove Dark chocolate is amazing, especially when it’s 85% off. 🙂

Reid and I have traded roles- he’s the one with the hot flashes now. Reid’s burning up at night, while I have to have my slippers, warm pj pants, and sweatshirt on at night when I get up to feed Jack and it’s only 70 or 72 degrees in the house.

Ok, time to feed the baby.

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