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Day Two

March 28, 2009

We just sent Jack to the nursery for his bath and for us to get some rest. I’m blogging because I’m trying to stay awake to get my pain meds in a few minutes. If I watch TV or do anything else, I know I’ll fall asleep.

As soon as Jack is sent off to the nursery, I’m already thinking about calling to have him sent back even though I know I’ll see him in a couple hours.

As horrible as labor and delivery were yesterday, I’ve realized that what you hear is right–you really do forget it because my horrible memories are already starting to fade. Now, we’re not working on number two just yet, ha! And I’m not really kidding when I say we want to adopt the next one.

I truly cannot complain because recovery has been incredible for me, so far. I’ve been shocked at how quickly I’ve bounced back. After my shower this morning, I felt like a new woman. I actually started feeling like my old non-pregnant self, and I liked it.

My blood pressure truly was cured by delivery. And my heart rate is back to normal, too. Jack is perfectly healthy and his lungs are 100%. We’re sooo happy and thankful!

Reid and I can’t stop staring at Jack. We’ve spent most of our time today holding and watching him.

We’re going home tomorrow, possibly as early as 11! It’s almost crazy to think we left our house just the two of us on Friday morning, and we’re headed home as the three of us on Sunday afternoon. I can’t wait!

I once said if we ever get pregnant, it would have to be an “accident” from the Lord. This is the best accident we’ve had.


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