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Catching Up

March 21, 2009

My sleep patterns have been really off this week. I usually start trying to sleep around 11 or 12, but don’t really feel exhausted enough til 2. Then, I’m up every hour to use the bathroom. I usually get up around 5 or 6, after Reid goes to work, to get a snack and watch TV for a bit. Then, back to sleep around 7 and sleep til 9. It’s horrible! Oh, sometimes I take a nap for about an hour in the afternoon.

Regardless, an hour of uninterrupted sleep is the longest I can usually go. I either have to switch sides because my hip goes numb or I have to use my whole body to push myself out of bed to use the restroom.

I barely slept Thursday night because of not knowing how yesterday would go at the hospital. I crashed when we got home. I slept for about three hours, all the way through!! Then, at midnight, we both went to sleep (in the same bed! crazy, I know!). I think I only go up two or three times.

I woke up this morning to my neighbor working on his roof. I’m so annoyed and thinking that we should tell him it’s too early to be doing this and I’m pregnant and need my sleep. I stumble into the kitchen and realize it’s past 11 am!!!

I’m still tired, but thankful we finally got some sleep!

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