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Things I Won’t Miss

March 18, 2009

As the end is drawing near, I’ve been asked if I’ll miss being pregnant. Um, the answer is “Heck, no!” So, in honor of my final days/weeks of pregnancy, I give you my list of things I will and will not miss about being pregnant.

Things I Will Not Miss:
…constantly having an itchy belly and/or itchy legs
…pants that come up to my chest
…ankles that look like those of an 800 lb woman
…trying to find a parking spot at the hospital
…random strangers touching my belly and telling me how I’m carrying
…having a very limited amount of clothes that fit
…going to the bathroom all the time
…having a hard time picking things up
…breathing loudly all the time
…not being able to sleep on my stomach
…how much it hurts to reach my legs to shave
…not being able to work out
…acid reflux
…throwing up and nausea
…being weighed at the doctor’s office twice a week and having to pee in a cup so often
…trying not to waddle when walking in public
…feeling hot all the time
…being tired all the time without reason

I will miss..
…watching and feeling the baby move around in my stomach (except when it hurts)
…laughing at myself almost everyday in the shower when I realize I can’t see below my belly
…blaming my cravings and bad eating habits on the baby
…having a good excuse to be lazy
…taking naps whenever I want during the day

As long as my “will not miss” list is, I realize I’m very fortunate and blessed to have had such a healthy pregnancy.

I can’t wait to meet our son and bring him home with us!

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