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Not Me Monday

March 2, 2009

I almost forgot!

* I did not have Starbucks twice in one day last week because they were free.

* I did not skip on answering my phone when an old friend called just to chat because I knew it’d be a long conversation and I wasn’t in the mood. And I definitely called her back because that’s very rude not to…right?

* I did not already clean out some of my smaller maternity clothes from my closet because I was tired of looking at them.

* I did not buy a cute size 8 American Eagle skirt at a consignment sale last week even though I know it might be a year before I can fit into it.

* I did not get excited about clipping coupons and finding one for my protein shakes.

* I did not forget how to get to the airport in Birmingham when I picked up a friend last week. I’m smarter than that!

* I did not request for Reid to drive me to Publix yesterday morning during the snow because I was too scared to drive in it by myself.

* I do not plan on staying up late to make sure I watch all of 24 and all of the Bachelor tonight, no matter how tired I might be tomorrow.

the end.

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