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Not Me Monday

February 23, 2009

I did not take such a long bath yesterday that the water turned cold and I drained some of it to get more hot water.

I did not throw up every time I tried to work out last week.

I did not almost freeze Reid out of our bedroom with the air on 65 and the fan on with 30 degree weather outside.

I did not have hot dogs for dinner last night and again for lunch today.

On the topic of food, I did not hide cookies from Reid and I definitely did not get annoyed when I found said cookies in the trash can when Reid cleaned the kitchen.

I did not get in a bad mood and pout when I had to put on real clothes that were too tight when I had to visit the Dr. last week.

I did not make sure to set my DVR for mindless shows like Wife Swap and Toddlers & Tiaras. And I would never watch The Lizzie McGuire Movie by myself when I’ve already seen it more than I care to admit.

I did not have a breakdown about Jack possibly being breech and the Dr. having to turn him, even though that’s weeks away and may not even happen. And I didn’t keep crying about not wanting to go through labor. Millions of women have done this, so I would never cry about it.

I did not snap at a guy I work with this morning when he mentioned how big my belly is.

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