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Ohhhh Sundays…

February 22, 2009

I love Sundays because I don’t have to set my alarm. Even if we’re going to church, my body is usually up by 8 am on it’s own.

We’ve been watching a lot of movies lately in trying to get ready for the Oscars tonight. Reid’s watched more than I have (The Reader, Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire). We got to see Defiance for free at the theater last night because they couldn’t get the tickets to work for the movie. After seeing that movies are now $9.25, we were pretty excited!

This week was actually a decent week for pregnancy! The beginning was shaky because my ribs were sore and I was nauseous/throwing up. I’m getting more sleep, therefore I’m feeling better all-around.

The doctor says I’ll probably be having a smaller baby, as far as he can tell. Whoot!

I’ve been reading The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy. As much as it makes me laugh and pokes fun at all things pregnant, it’s made me decide that I’d rather skip this whole labor thing. Can they just knock me out and wake me up when he’s here??

Yesterday I got a craving for a cherry fruit pie. You know what those are- those high sugar syrupy gas station pastries. I couldn’t find one and gave up. I’m sure Jack and I are better off.

I’ve craved more fruity and salty things lately, rather than chocolate. Thanks to the Pattons, I’m able to satisfy my fruit snacks craving, haha! It may not be a craving, but I just like them so much right now.

Jack doesn’t move around as crazy as he once did. He’s gotten the hiccups about four times in the past couple days, poor baby!

I’m trying to work til April 1st (two weeks before my due date). If I make it til at least late March, I’ll be happy.

Ok, time to catch up on my DVR.

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