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Is it hot in here?: Pregnancy Update- Week 31

February 11, 2009

* I’m hot all the time. I keep turning the air down at work and even the clients that are working out and breaking a sweat have mentioned that its a little chilly. I just assume everyone else is hot, too.

* Throwing up has become a normal part of life, once again. Sometimes it’s because my heart rate gets too high from working out and other times it’s just because I put food in my mouth.

* Sleeping is awkward because my hips start to hurt, so I’m constantly turning over. Reid’s started waiting to come to bed til I fall asleep because I’m so fidgety until then.

* I forget how big my belly is most days, so I find myself parking too close to the side of the garage and I can’t fit through. I can’t really suck it in, haha! Or I turn corners too sharp in the house and hit the wall.

* Thankfully, my back hasn’t been bothering me lately and my ankles aren’t as bad as they were. I’m feeling ok most of the time.

* My hormones make me mean. I yelled at a client this week (just think of Bob telling his client to shut up and that was me minus the cussing). I can be really mean to Reid without reason. Say a prayer for him.

* I really can’t wait for Jack Ryan to get here! I’m ready to see his face and hold him. I can’t wait to bring him home with us and start our lives together. We’ve anticipated his arrival for what seems like so long, so I’m ready for this new part of our lives to start.

That was longer than I meant it to be, sorry. The end.

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  1. Cammie permalink
    February 11, 2009 8:31 pm

    I used to get stuck in the bathroom stall at work. It’s funny how you forget you have a belly out there.

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