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October 15, 2008

…even though no one agreed with me last time, haha!

Nim’s Island
Way better than I expected. Cute and funny, plus Gerard Butler is in it, so how can it be bad?

P.S. I Love You
Gerard Butler twice in one week!
Deena described it best by saying its a “freakishly sad movie.” I’ve seen it before, but still cried within the first ten minutes. Parts of it are annoying, like the main character’s sister, and unbelievable, but overall, a good movie. And sad.

What Happens In Vegas
This was pretty much what I expected. Parts of it reminded me of Just Married, which I enjoyed. I don’t remember all of it because I was doing other things around the house while I “watched” this movie. Seemed like a general Ashton Kutcher movie. Funny, but not enough to love it.

The Golden Compass
So we finally watched the controversial movie. I didn’t hate it as much as Reid; I was surprised he even finished the movie! To start with, the graphics were lame. The movie seemed to have stolen elements from Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia, then tried to make it it’s own, but it didn’t work. None of it made sense, at least not to me.
I know I’m not explaining why I didn’t like it; I’ll leave that up to Reid because I’m sure he has plenty to say about this movie.

I feel like I need a redemption movie. It’s time to pull out a movie that I know is truly good.

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