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“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills”

September 24, 2008

Ok, the pregnancy food issues are over. Now it’s on to bigger things- emotions. I’m a pretty up and down person anyway, but this is a lot worse.

I feel like I’m in a constant state of PMS. The PMS where you hate people for no reason, even people standing in line with you at the grocery store that you don’t even know; the kind where you get extremely angry over losing your ponytail holder, but then suddenly you’re fine with everything; the kind where Reid comes home from work to find me laying in bed crying for no reason. Oh, and I cry in the car most days while I’m driving somewhere and thinking about nothing. Now explain that!

Here’s a typical conversation lately at our house:

Reid:What’s wrong?
Ashley: I don’t know. I’m just sad.
Reid: Did something happen?
Ashley: No.
Reid: Are you sure?
Ashley: Yes. *long pause* Somethings wrong with me.
Then, I cry some more and fall asleep.

Today’s been a good day. Nothings happened, I’m just in a good mood, so I’m thankful for that. Now, let’s hope this mood lasts a while.

Can we say hormones??

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