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I still like weekends

September 12, 2008

…even though my baby doesn’t seem to like them.

Two weeks in a row where I’ve been fine all week, until Thursday night hits and I get sick, then again on Friday. [Let me just say now that I’m VERY thankful I’m not sick all week long like some people tend to be with pregnancy].

Last night after I decided there was no way I would eat any food that evening, I fell asleep on the couch at 6:30 watching Man vs. Wild with Reid. I woke up an hour later and stumbled to the bed and slept for another 10 hours! Maybe that’s what happens when I miss my daily nap two days in a row. That’s just sad!

Ok, enough about pregnancy and all that.

I’m actually being social tonight for the first time in a long while- I’m going to an old roommate’s birthday party, whoop whoop. We’re going to Tuscaloosa tomorrow to hang out with Reid’s parents; also, Reid’s going to the Alabama game with them while I go see a movie and/or shop. I refuse to feel like I do and sit in the heat and watch football.

Have a good weekend, everyone! And fill up on gas before the prices go even higher, haha!

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