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“This is like it’s my birthday!”

August 28, 2008

Poor, Reid.

We ordered new counter tops for the kitchen about a month and two weeks ago from Lowes. Sigh. They told us it would take two weeks to come in; they were wrong! Being the overachiever that my husband can be, he went ahead and took off the old counter tops to paint behind them so everything would be ready.

This means that everything on the counters had to be moved to the dining room. Also, all the drawers and everything in the cabinets below. That makes for a messy dining room.

See, I told you!

Having to climb over things without falling when trying to cook makes me stressed, so I haven’t cooked much lately.

Anticipating Lowe’s phone call every day, we didn’t move anything back because today could be the day. After several days, they are finally here!

Reid jumped in my car so fast just to at least pick up one piece of it.

Also, Reid’s birthday present from me was finally shipped this week and arrived earlier today. I got him a replica of Gandolf’s sword from Lord of the Rings. He really couldn’t believe I had gotten this for him, but I really don’t think I could justify buying him this after we have a baby and have more important things to buy.

So, it’s been a good day for Reid. And for me.

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