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Weekend Update

August 24, 2008

Friday was Reid’s birthday, duh! I took him to Sumo, a Japanese Steakhouse, because he’d never been to one before! We ate so much food that it was ridiculous, but it was soooo good!

Saturday was a blur. All I remember was working in the morning, taking two naps, throwing up, and Reid was sick, too. We never were sure if it was from Sumo or what; I’m assuming mine is just pregnancy sickness.

Sunday has been a blur, too, including naps, crackers and ginger ale, and more “morning” sickness that seems to last all day. I’m ready for this trimester to be OVER!

Tonight’s been better- I was able to eat some dinner and Reid got a heating pad for my back. (Btw- this heating pad is A-Mazing! My new favorite thing!) Look’s like Reid’s going to have to take care of me for the next few months.

Now we’re watching the Olympic Closing Ceremony, but I’m not real interested right now. Oh well.

If you’re feeling better than me, please drink a Dr. Pepper for me and eat lots of sugary desserts. Thanks!

PS: Tomorrow’s our first doctor visit for the baby! I can’t wait! I hope I’m far enough along for the ultrasound!

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