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Redeeming Myself

July 14, 2008

Random things I like about my Husband. This is kinda to make up for the last post. I’m laughing as I type this b/c I know Reid doesn’t really like stuff like this on blogs, but oh well.

1. I love that Reid re-format’s his computer every once in a while just because he can.
2. I love that Reid lets me pick the movies we watch.
3. I love that Reid watches my tv shows with me even though he hates some of them.
4. I love that Reid will watch girly movies with me just because I want to watch them!
5. I love that Reid considers just the two of us staying in together as a party.
6. I love that Reid cleans the house more than I do and will vacuum the living room more than once in one day!
7. I love that Reid is not afraid of updating the house on his own.
8. I love that Reid puts air in my bike tires for me even though I could probably do it myself.
9. I love that Reid has Star Wars figurines in our closet.
10. I love how Reid’s favorite dessert is Cosmic Brownies. That’s it. So simple.
11. I love that Reid always encourages my goals/dreams even when I don’t think I can do them and it means I go jobless for a while.
12. I love that Reid freaks out about having kids, but secretly wouldn’t be upset about having kids and I know it.
13. I love that Reid won’t eat Cheesecake because it’s two different things in one name: “Its cheese, then it’s cake. I won’t eat it.”
14. I love that Reid changes the background on my computer to make me laugh.
15. I love that Reid talks for Chewy, our cat, like he’s a real person.
16. I love that Reid is a planner, even to the point of writing every last detail down.
17. I love that Reid is picky about saving the book covers that I would have just thrown away.
18. I love that Reid will not let anyone else wash his car; it can only be touched by him.
19. I love that Reid listens mainly to movie scores.
20. I love that Reid sings Phantom of the Opera songs with me in the car.
21. I love that Reid could survive on PB&J and be ok with it. For the most part.
22. I love that Reid will offer me some of his Coke when I’m dieting even though he hates sharing food/drinks.

Ok, this list is in no way extensive or deep/personal. Just little traits about Reid that I appreciate.

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  1. amymezzell permalink
    July 14, 2008 8:55 pm

    He probably also secretly likes this stuff on the blog. haha

  2. Cammie permalink
    July 14, 2008 10:10 pm

    I’m so glad he has you! I never thought anyone could love him -for the reasons listed above. 🙂

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